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Construction Stones

Construction stone comes in bags or bulk

Come to AB Natural Stone for your construction stone needs.
We carry:

Screening/Stone dust

1B: 3/8-1/2-inch chip

2B: 3/4-inch

Used for patio construction, setting pavers

2A Modified: Sub-base, also known as quarry process

3/4″ stone is used with Compactable screenings, for pavers or parking areas. Contractors – driveways, etc.

#4: Available in bulk only

Crushed stone to a powder form mixed with gravel (sub-base for pavers)

Clean stone (1B, 2B)

Generally used for drainage, concrete or backfilling behind retainer walls where drainage is needed.

Modified stone

(2A modified) is used for driveways, parking pads or paver projects where compaction is needed.